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Working with our Mississauga community, Trillium Health Partners Foundation is dedicated to raising the critical funds needed to address the highest priority needs of Trillium Health Partners, one of the largest community-based acute care facilities in Canada. Their mission is to inspire you to invest in a new kind of health care for a healthier Mississauga.


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Why Bill Chose to Support the Trillium Health Partners

For seven years ending in 2009, Bill volunteered his time, expertise and energy on the Credit Valley Board of Directors in roles spanning Treasurer to Board VIce-Chairman. During this period, he was also a senior executive in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology sector. He helped in oversight of a major expansion of the hospital, addition of the Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre and the recruitment of a new CEO to implement the vision of merging Mississauga’s hospitals into what we now know to be the Trillium Health Partners.

During this time, he learned that regardless of income, ALL of us end up seeking compassionate care from our three Mississauga community hospitals, in both happy and challenging times. This includes all of those we care for the most… our grandchildren, children, wives/husbands, siblings, parents, friends and neighbours, in addition to ourselves. Examples of care include births, emergencies, cancer / other critical illnesses, mental health issues and end-of-life palliative care. The need is continuous, growing and important.

He was surprised to learn just how dependant the hospital’s operation and continuous advancement in providing Mississauga residents with world class compassionate care close to home, was on on charitable donations from the community. His current real estate career provides opportunity for him to help Mississauga residents give back in a meaningful way to our hospitals through a referral program.

In the 40 plus years, Bill and his wife Debbie raised their family and loved living in Mississauga. He's very grateful that the city’s three hospitals have always been there in times of need, and wants to continue to give back paying it forward through his real esate business.

  • Their 3 children, nieces and nephews were safely born their thanks. to their care.

  • Bill’s late Mom was a breast cancer survivor thanks to their care.

  • Debbie’s Dad is a prostate cancer survivor thanks to their care.

  • Their late sister-in-law benefited from life extending surgeries and compassionate end of life palliative care there.

  • Bill is 100% thanks to their state of the art cardiac diagnostics, surgery and rehabilitation.

  • The Mood Disorder Clinic was there for a family member when needed the most.

  • Their niece volunteered there during high school.

  • Their daughter-in-law worked as a nurse there before moving on to Sick Children’s Hospital’s Air Ambulance Service.

  • Early in her nursing career, Debbie worked in Paediatrics there, and is now a nurse with the Summerville Family Health team affiliated with them.

Why Do Our Hospitals Need Your Donation?

Approximately 85% of hospital operating funding comes from the taxes we pay the government, flowing through the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Ultimately, the Mississauga Halton Health Integration Network (LHIN) decides how these funds will be allocated amongst the various Mississauga health care partners from the following sectors - hospitals, community care, community support services, community mental health and addiction, community health centres, long-term care and primary care.

The hospital must themselves raise the remaining approximate 15% through their own revenue-generating activities (e.g. cafeteria, parking), funding from other government sources (e.g. Federal funding for veterans’ health care), grants, donations and charitable giving through their Foundation.

Did you know?

  • The day-to-day operating costs of a new or replacement MRI scanner will be covered by the government, but the hospital must pay for 100% of it’s purchase and installation. This means that Trillium Health Partners Foundation must attract donations from the Mississauga community to pay for this - which can easily exceed $4.5 million. And this is just one piece of equipment. Much of a hospital’s technology (e.g. Computers, software, monitor and diagnostic equipment) is funded this same way. A notable exception is that the cost of radiation therapy equipment for cancer is fully funded by the government.

  • When a new hospital is built, expanded or renovated, the hospital are responsible for 10% of the costs of major construction projects, with the government providing the remaining 90%. This 10% must again, be raised through community donations by Trillium Health Partners Foundation.

By The Numbers
Our Three Mississauga Hospitals Combined

Trillim Health Partners Foundation
Better Together - With the Help of Our Community

For more than six decades, Mississauga residents just like you have supported Trillium Health Partners Foundation. The power of this commitment has never been more apparent than in 2018/19 when our volunteers, donors, and community partners raised $38.8 million for the hospital.

Your generosity is helping Trillium Health Partners meet the health care needs to care for our diverse and growing community today and for years to come. Our donors supported the redevelopment of Credit Valley Hospital, which included the redesign and expansion of four major patient care spaces: the Emergency Department, Surgery, Critical Care, and Diagnostic Imaging.

Our community’s support also allows us to be able to fund new advanced treatment technologies that ensure patients have access to high quality care and an exceptional experience. This year, our donors funded a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine that captures organ and tissue images, which are critical to diagnosing injuries and diseases. We were also able to obtain the DaVinci Xi, an advanced surgical robot, which is part of our Robotic-Assisted Surgery Program. Through these important investments, our donors are helping thousands of patients annually.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of projects and programs benefiting from your generosity – generosity that is an irreplaceable part of Trillium Health Partners’ ability to care for you, your family, friends, and neighbours. Thanks to you we are able to provide exceptional care today while shaping a healthier tomorrow. Thank you.

I encourage you to visit the Trillium Health Partners Foundation and the Trillium Health Partners websites for more information.